A Week in Greece on Acceleration: $214


Most travelers have Greece on their bucket list. So should you when you do The Catalyst, because getting there from Paris is cheap and easy and so is getting to Berlin from Greece. How cheap and how easy? Read on to see.

This trip is based on a group of three traveling together and is assuming that the group will be budget conscious and want to share an Air BnB. This itinerary has a split in the middle of your week, at which point you’ll be wanting to head down to Athens for three nights to take in its incomparable history. Here goes!

Your first goal will be to leave Paris on the the first morning of Acceleration.  This will involve getting out to Paris Beauvais airport, which is something to plan for though the obstacle is not huge.  It will mean taking the metro to Porte Maillot and then getting the Ryan Air shuttle there for $14, which will be your first cost item.  You will need to catch your bus to Beauvais a full three hours prior to your flight.  The good news is that your flight to Greece leaves late enough on your travel day so that the departure from the hostel won’t be too painful.  Here are the details on your second cost item: a $36 flight to Thessaloniki, Greece.



Once you arrive in Greece, you’ll want to get to your Air BnB and settle in and enjoy your third cost item. You’ll split this $111 three ways and be encumbered a total of $37.



After enjoying the beach and the history of this awesome seafront city, you’re going to one of the great cradles of civilization: Athens.  There are plenty of ways to go, but the train is your best price at about $30 and is your fourth cost item.



Before your turn to reading your Plato in the sunshine, you need to get set at our new Air BnB, which will be your fifth cost item and set you back $28 total for your four nights.



The last leg of your journey will be to travel from Athens to Berlin.  Boom: $69 and you arrive in Berlin in plenty of time to get to the hostel at our rally time for orientation.



So what’s the cost of this Greek odyssey in total: $214!