Check out These Flight Deals from Dr. Travis Tubré

Hi, everyone. I’m Travis Tubré, the professor for the Madness course and the designated travel guru (according to Doug). As you UWRF folks know, I love to travel and am good at searching for flight deals. Next week, I’m headed to Los Cabos to do some whale watching. In February, I expect to visit Beirut and Frankfurt. In March, I’m headed to Cartagena. And that is all before Catalyst! In searching around, I’ve found some great flight deals that I want to share with those of you who have booked yet.

For UW-River Falls students willing to travel in and out of Chicago, check this out. This is a $720 multi-city ticket, leaving Chicago on a direct flight to London on May 19. You then return from Prague to Chicago on June 25, with a short stop in Philadelphia. You could come back a day earlier for $775, but I’d take the extra day in Prague anytime! This is an insane deal given (1) how easy it is to get to Chicago and (2) that several UWRF students have already booked out of Chicago. The same itinerary flying in and out of Minneapolis is running about $1400 right now. This is a basic economy ticket, so you’ll need to travel with carryon luggage, but that’s what you should be doing anyway. You can see the itinerary here:

For University of West Florida students willing to travel out of Orlando, check this out. This is a $739 multi-city ticket, leaving Orlando on a flight to London with a quick stop in Charlotte. You then return from Prague all the way back to Pensacola on June 25 with stops in Philadelphia and DC. Again this is a crazy deal. The same thing going in AND out of Pensacola is $1000-$1100. And, this returns to Pensacola, so you only need to get to MCO for the departure, not back from there on the return. You can see the itinerary here: As with the UWRF itinerary above, you could come back earlier, but it would cost you more than an extra day in Prague. I’d highly recommend the 25th

If you are a UWF student and wanted to go both in AND out of Orlando for the same dates, that would be $743 as you can see here:

Again, all of these are basic economy flights, so you will need carryon luggage. Traveling that way gives you the most flexibility anyway in terms of being able to access cheap fares on European airlines for your Acceleration travel!

That’s it for now. I’ll keep looking for deals and will either share them with you through the newsletter or on Facebook. Feel free to get in touch at if you have any questions.

Written by Dr. Travis Tubré