Faculty Profile: Dr. Tubré

When it comes to intrepid city walking in search of minor or major truths, there’s nobody to compare with Travis. Just ask Catalyst students who’ve followed his obsessive love of our classroom cities after various Holy Grails, logging 10 miles plus along the way. In London, it might be a walk along the Thames, admiring the crazy mix of architecture in the city. In Paris, perhaps a quest to see every version of the famed Wallace Fountains. The only question when walking with Travis is when will your blisters start to burn.

Hi everyone! I’m Travis Tubré, your professor for the Madness course. I’m so excited to work with you on this program. The faculty and students who share this adventure are an incredible group. One of the great things about this program is how it spans different universities, bringing us together from different places to different places. As a bit of trivia, I share some history with many of you because I grew up and did my undergraduate work in Louisiana, went to graduate school in Texas, vacationed as a child along the Florida panhandle and am now a Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. I got my first taste of education abroad about fifteen years ago when I had the opportunity to visit and guest lecture in a class taught in Scotland by my good friend (and Catalyst Professor) Rik Seefeldt. It took me a few years to get back abroad, but since then I have visited about 30 countries and taught in numerous incredible European locations. As you will see, the mix of cities we will visit provides an unbelievable context for learning.

The Madness course will expose you to critically important themes in psychopathology and social psychology that are interwoven across our varying sites. We will focus on the history of psychopathology and the role of social identity in understanding leadership, mob behavior, resistance, and nationalism in 20th century Europe. The world will be your classroom. We will meet in museums, hospitals, battlegrounds, prisons, underground bunkers, and even Sigmund Freud’s house. We will study shell shock on Normandy’s Omaha Beach and so much more…

I hope you can see that we are in for quite a ride. As all the faculty members have noted, the experience really can’t be described in words. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try! I encourage you to connect with your peers, program alumni, and our faculty and staff on The Catalyst Facebook page to find out more about how and what you will learn and experience. See you in Europe this summer!