How to Balance School and Travel While Studying Abroad

If you’re wondering if it will be possible to balance the “studying” aspect of studying abroad with travel and fun, you’re not alone.

Check out our former student’s account of how she successfully maintained her academic life while enjoying all that Europe has to offer at the same time.

When I first came to Europe, one of my biggest fears was that I wouldn’t be able to properly prioritize the classic “business and pleasure” part of studying abroad. Being an art student, I have learned that certain assignments take a lot more time than others, and I have had my fair share of having to decide whether or not I needed to spend another hour or two on a project or go hang out with my friends. I’ve grown accustomed to doing both and working into the wee hours of the night. When I started taking my classes after coming to Europe, I quickly realized that even though I’m studying in a different country and a different environment, I could still apply the same time-management skills that I use at home.


One thing that I’ve learned so far from studying abroad is that it is pretty easy to study anywhere. For example, public transportation (i.e. trains, buses, and airplanes) is a great place to do your homework or catch up on some reading. Public transportation is pretty quiet which makes it an easy and not-too-loud space to spend an hour or four reading, writing, and studying. Parks and cafés are also great places to read and write as well. Just order a coffee and pull out a book and everything is good to go. In France, once you’ve ordered something at a café you basically have your table until you’re ready to leave, so there is no need to feel like you’re loitering after you’ve been sitting there for 30 minutes because it is to be expected.

Lastly, keeping a positive mindset is quite important when it comes to studying abroad. Doing homework doesn’t have to be in a library or cramped in your room like it might be at home. Studying abroad gives the perfect opportunity to study outside in a park, in a café, at a waffle restaurant, etc.

– Jordan, Globalizedu student 2018