5 Weeks for All Europe

The Catalyst is a new-school study-abroad program that uses Europe as a moving classroom. London is the start of your learning, with Paris, Berlin and Prague as the classroom cities you’ll move to over the course of 5 weeks. After week two of the program, you’ll activate your travel fever and  go on to experience a week of independent travel we call “Acceleration.” Then you’ll reconvene with the whole program for Berlin. After Berlin, you’ll travel together with your fellow students to your final classroom city, Prague, to spend a last week living and learning in Europe. Your stay in each classroom cities is a week, and you’ll have at least one full day in each city for our “city sojourn” experience, which is all about you finding your own way and doing what you most want to do in each city.

The Summer Calendar

Application and Deposit Schedule

Application Period Begins
25 September 2017 at 5:00 PM
Application Period Closes
9 March 2018
Fly Out
Sunday 20 May 2018: USA airport of choice to London
Monday 21 May 2018 - Monday noon 28 May 2018
Group travel from London to Paris
Monday 28 May 2018, Afternoon
Monday Afternoon 28 May 2018 - Monday Morning 4 June 2018
Acceleration/Independent Travel
Monday Morning 4 June 2018 - Monday afternoon 11 June 2018
Monday Afternoon 11 June 2018 - Monday 18 June 2018
Group travel from Berlin to Prague
Monday 18 June 2018 AM
Monday 18 June 2018 - Monday morning 25 June 2018
Fly Home
Monday Morning 25 June 2018: Prague airport to any USA airport


TOTAL Catalyst Program Costs: $9,699

Fixed Cost of The Catalyst: $6799

This is the portion of your total outlay for The Catalyst tha’s constant for every student. Budgeting or cutting corners here is not possible, as this is a fixed cost for every one. Fixed Costs Include:

  • Program deposit
  • Tuition for 6 hours
  • Housing in four classroom cities
  • All required museum visits and classroom excursions
  • Breakfast every day in our classroom cities
  • One program dinner in each classroom city
  • Catalyst Orientation in each classroom city
  • All Tube/Metro, etc. tickets required for class sessions

Variable Extra Costs Estimate: $2900-

This is the portion of your total outlay that is variable, meaning that students who budget carefully and plan their summer with our help and with an eye toward the real resources and money that they have will always spend on the lower sides of this range.

  • Airfare
  • Extra meals
  • Acceleration Travel
  • Books and supplies
  • Misc.



The Catalyst makes its home in each of our 4 cities in a center-city Hostel. (You will be well placed to take full advantage of your classroom cities!) We stay in rooms that mix everyone together, just like our European friends do when they travel. You will be sharing rooms with other travelers and learners along the way in our hostels some of whom might just become your lifelong friends. One group dinner is included in each city, but the rest of your food will be on your own to manage and enjoy. During your periods of Acceleration Travel, your housing and food will be your responsibility.

Acceleration Travel!

Everybody knows what it’s like to ride shotgun. The feeling of being the driver is always different. Because that’s what it feels like to be in charge. Acceleration is your time when The Catalyst asks you to be the driver, together with the other students with whom you decide to travel. Set your plans up, make your arrangements, and climb on the great trains of Europe or the cheap flights that can get you wherever your plans take you. The continent is yours to discover during a week of travel, as you make your way gently from Paris to Berlin. (Housing and meals are your own responsibility during Acceleration.)